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Tuition & Other Fees

Tuition fees cover all the essential costs for a student to attend classes for the whole year, thus beyond the non-refundable Application fee of €60 the College will not request for any other fees relevant to the student’s tuition such as Registration fee, Graduation fee, Student activities fee etc.

However, a student is responsible to cover some other non-college related costs such as, in the case of a non-EU student he/she will be required to pay an International refundable student Guarantee deposit of €400 (it will be returned after the completion of the student’s studies) and Visa fees of €190. Also note that some additional costs may require to be paid by the student relevant to the immigration application, the required medical examination and an annual medical insurance fee.

Annual Tuition fees

For International students € 6000
Students from other EU Member States € 4200
Cypriot students € 2600

Total Tuition fees - Master Degree MBA

International students and students from other EU Member States € 5800
Cypriot students € 4300


Students should prepay each module they have registered at the beginning of each semester. According to the Migration regulations of Cyprus, international students from non EU countries are required to be full - time (minimum 30 ECTS per semester). International students must prepay the first year of their studies and after the first year they should pay as all other students.

An extension for the payment of tuition fees is only granted with the approval of the Director of Administration and Finance. A student who delays the payment of the tuition fees without having received a payment extension permit may be deregistered without the right to reimbursement of the tuition fees paid.

The annual tuition fees are the same regardless of the date of registration. A student who registers late for any reason is required to pay the tuition fees for the whole semester as all other students.

In the event of a student withdrawing for any reason after the end of the 4th week, he/she must pay the whole amount for the tuition fees for the academic year.