3, Kostaki Pantelidi str., 2057 Nicosia, P.O.Box 25331, 1308 Nicosia, Cyprus, Tel.: +357 22459090, Fax: +357 22664910, Email: info@cbscy.ac.cy

Student Support

Student Affairs Office

If you require assistance and guidance on any matter, this office will always be a good place to start. You can contact the Student Affairs office:
Tel: (+357) 22459090
Email: info@cbscy.ac.cy

Accommodation Assistance

Student Dormitories

The CBS offers guidance to book high-quality student rooms in a newly-built modern complex which is adjacent to the College’s facilities. The complex consists of spacious student rooms, fully furnished with bathroom, and wireless internet connection. There is easy access to the rooms and an internal connection to all common areas.

Other Options

If students are interested in finding other residential solutions near the College, the Student Affairs office provides every possible help to students in finding the right space.

Library/Electronic Library


CBS attaches a great importance to the organization, operation, equipment, and content of the library because it is one of the most important tools for supporting students and the educational system. The Library is located on the second floor of the building, with an area of approximately 65 square meters. It has a reading room with 20 seats, 8 computers, two photocopiers and two scanners for use by students. The library has all the necessary books and journals for all programs of study; it has two copies of each of them. Its collection includes books, magazines, reference material (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.). In addition, the library has a large number of information sources in various forms, printed, electronic and audiovisual material.

Electronic Library

Students have the opportunity to access numerous digital libraries, electronic journals and databases. Our College uses the electronic library ‘ProQuest LibCentral’ and ‘Proquest Ebook Central’s Library’. Through the multidisciplinary platform our students are able to access more than 21,000 academic e-books on topics such as marketing, leadership, economics and finance. Additionally, ProQuest LibCentral has a collection around Accounting, Tax & Banking fields in over 500 global academic research journals based on research in contemporary articles and scientific journals on accounting, taxation and financial issues. A lot of research has been made by the librarian of our College in order to provide students the easiest and most updated tools for research or study purposes.

Student ID Cards

Once you have completed all the registration process steps and you have been accepted onto your course, you will be issued a username and password so you can login to your MyCBS account. You will be notified to collect your Student ID card from the Reception desk. You can use your card for offers and discounts in various shops like cinemas, restaurants, cafes and bookstores. Before you proceed to any purchase, always remember to ask if student discounts are available.

Cyprus Transportation

Bus Times and Routes

OSEL is a transportation Organisation in Nicosia District, offering discount and special prices to students. To find about routes and bus times you can contact them by phone or visit their website:

Tel: (+357) 22 468088

Payment Method

For yor Tuition and Other fees the College’s bank accounts are the following:

Account: 200100066484
IBAN: CY07018000080000200100066484


Bank of Cyprus
Account: 010801049317
IBAN: CY81 0020 0108 0000 0001 0493 1700