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Academic Director's Message

One of the most important decisions for someone’s future is the choice they will make regarding where they wish to study.

Our intention is to make The College of Business Studies (CBS) the students’ first choice using the long term experience and professionalism of the Institute of Banking Studies (IBS). The IBS has a 14 year tradition of providing consistent, high-quality business education. As a result, we are confident that CBS provides a proven path for students’ success.

The challenges in today’s global economy are enormous and always evolving. Therefore, students pursuing a higher education degree/course/certificate in business makes more sense than ever. CBS offers, through its programs, an array of academic and nonacademic experiences, to equip our students with the qualities of a modern leader.

The programs offered at CBS include the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Two-year Diplomas in General Business, Banking, and Accounting.

Enrollment in one of these programs provides access to highly-qualified faculty, and professional organizations that will enhance students’ preparation for careers in business, accounting, banking and finance. The certification by the American Bankers Association provides the guarantee that you need.

You can take comfort in knowing that the academic programs at CBS maintain rigorous quality standards that ensure students will be taught the most current knowledge and skills required by employers. Equipped with all the qualifications needed for your future success in your academic and professional career, as our graduate you will be a competitive applicant for your desired employment position as you embark on your career.

Our plan is to always be by your side, not only through your academic life but throughout your life. Once you enter our community you are always a part of it!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Welcome to CBS!

Andri Kyrizi

Academic Director, College of Business Studies