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Academic Director’s Message

The challenges in today’s global economy are enormous and always evolving. Therefore, students pursuing a higher education degree/certificate in business makes more sense than ever. CBS offers, through its programs, an array of academic and nonacademic experiences, to equip our students with the qualities of a modern leader.

We recognize that one of the most important decisions in someone’s life is the place they will study. It is a decision that needs careful and comprehensive research. A decision that will mark an individual’s career path. Reading this message will assure you that the College of Business Studies is the right choice for you.

The College of Business Studies is a leading institution in business studies. It started its operation in 2018 and offers six carefully designed programs. A Master in Business Administration (MBA), a BSc in Accounting, Banking and Finance, a BSc in Business Administration and three Two-year Diplomas in General Business, in Banking, and in Accounting.

Enrollment in one of these programs provides access to highly-qualified faculty, and professional organizations that will enhance students’ preparation for careers in business, accounting, banking and finance. With primary emphasis on the students, the programs were designed in a way to transcend the traditional teaching methodology. Applying a more student-centered method, our students will be benefited through self-study and through constructive discussions since each individual’s expertise and experience will be transferred in class.

Our academic programs maintain rigorous quality standards that ensure students will be taught the most current knowledge and develop adequate skills required by employers. Moreover, the teaching experience and personal research of our academic stuff is integrated in the content of the program of study, transferring new facts and results into the class.

These tools equip our students with all the qualifications needed for their future success in their academic and professional career and as our graduates they will be competitive applicants for their desired employment position as they embark on their career.

Our objective is to establish CBS the students’ first choice using the long term experience and professionalism of the Institute of Banking Studies (IBS). The IBS has a 16-year tradition of providing consistent, high-quality professional education. As a result, CBS provides a proven path for a student’s success.

Finally, in an attempt to satisfy the educational interests and needs of students wishing to study abroad, we have successfully signed articulation agreements with widely known Universities. Liverpool John Moores (United Kingdom) and Crandall University (Canada) without hesitation accredited our programs and accepted our proposal. In addition, our programs have been certified by the American Bankers Association and our students have the opportunity to acquire the General Banking Certificate once they graduate.

Our students are one of our priorities and offering distinction in education is a commitment we make. Choosing the CBS will make you a part of our community for a lifetime.

Welcome to CBS!

Andri Kyrizi

Academic Director, College of Business Studies