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Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island and is located between Europe, Asia and Africa. Its unique geographical position played a significant role to Cyprus’ history and culture. The island is known for its warm summers and cool winters, ideal for enjoying the charming surroundings of Cyprus, such as its magnificent shores, stunning sandy beaches, mountains and forests. As a member of the European Union, Cyprus nowadays is one of the top business, financial and educational centers. It is ONE OF the most preferable choices for many offshore companies because of its highly competitive tax system. Additionally, it has a well-developed system of primary, secondary and tertiary education in both public and private sectors making it a fast growing educational center.

The city of Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and the center of the island's commercial activity where a variety of companies locate. As a result, many international firms have their headquarters in Nicosia. It is a city that combines tradition with modern elements and offers diverse choices for every taste. In the city center there are 2-3 shopping malls and shops located in traditional districts with narrow streets. Regarding nightlife, there are excellent cafes, trendy bars and clubs located in old historical monuments, combining fun and entertainment.

The College’s location

The College is located in the heart of the city in an area which is growing at a very fast pace. Nearby there are three Public High Schools and Lyceums, a Private Gymnasium, a University and a College, and the Cyprus Seminary School. It is surrounded by many amenities such as hotels, student accommodations, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, banks, parks and many government agencies. Young students coming from other countries or other cities in Cyprus will find their living environment very convenient. In addition, there are daily bus services offering routes all over the city along with other cities and airports.