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Foundation Course

The Foundation Course at CBS - College of Business Studies Cyprus provides all the relevant content and context needed to prepare students for their program of study.

Bachelor and Two-year Diplomas

The maximum duration is two academic semesters.


A student candidate, that attains the minimum registration requirements for the relevant program of his/her studies, i.e. IELTS: 6, IGCSE: C, TOEFL: 550, is required to take a diagnostic examination (placement test) that will indicate his/her level of knowledge of the English language. Unless students can provide documents to prove their proficiency in the English language, it is compulsory to take this test.

Accomplishment of more than 60% at the placement test gains entry at the program of study.

Accomplishment of less than 60% at the placement test requires the student to participate in the Foundation Course for one semester. At the end of the First semester students will take written examinations and if they achieve 60% they will be accepted at the chosen program of study. In addition, they will be awarded with a Certificate, however, without being credited for ECTS or any exemptions for future programs of study.

A student who fails to achieve 60% and above will be required to register for the Second semester of the Foundation Course. If the student, at the end of the Second semester achieves a grade of 60% or more at the written examination, is automatically registered for the 1st year of the chosen program of study. Any students who fail to achieve the required grade they will not be allowed to continue their studies at the College.


The following Modules will be held for 13 weeks, 25 hours per week, in 50-minute teaching periods.

First Semester Core Modules
Code Course
FEN01 English Grammar and Usage
FEN02 Basic Reading Skills
FEN03 Basic Listening & Speaking Skills
FEN04 Basic Writing Skills
FEN05 Introduction to Modern Greek
Second Semester Core Modules
Code Course
FEN01 English Grammar and Usage
FEN02 Basic Reading Skills
FEN06 Composition Writing

Students who will register for the Second Semester of the Foundation Course need to choose two (2) modules from the following Electives:

Elective Modules (depending on the program of studies)
Code Course
FACC01 Fundamentals of Book-Keeping
FBS01 Basic of Marketing
FECO01 Principles of Economics
FEN07 Public Relations
FEN08 Introduction to Computers

Master of Business Administration - MBA

The foundation courses may be waived for students who have satisfactorily completed the same or comparable courses previously. Satisfactory completion is defined as completing a corresponding course at the undergraduate level with a grade of C or higher or at the graduate level with a grade of B or higher. Credits earned with MBA foundation courses do not count towards the required coursework for the completion of the MBA program.

Code Course
MBA501 Introduction to Business Mathematics
MBA502 Introduction to Accounting