3, Kostaki Pantelidi str., 2057 Nicosia, P.O.Box 25331, 1308 Nicosia, Cyprus, Tel.: +357 22459090, Fax: +357 22664910, Email: info@cbscy.ac.cy


The CBS - College of Business Studies, was established as a natural extension of the Institute of Banking Studies Cyprus (IBS Cyprus).

The IBS Cyprus is the only licensed provider of the American Bankers Association outside the USA with prospects for expansion to Europe and Asia. Its mission is to offer quality and internationally recognized and accredited business qualifications and corresponding diplomas to the business community, thus contributing to economic and social development. It was established by Cypriot institutions and executives in cooperation with relevant foreign bodies and has been in operation since October 2004. To date, more than 2000 students have graduated and working in financial institutions and other businesses in Cyprus and abroad. After the long and successful path of IBS Cyprus, it was decided to expand its services to the field of academic education with the establishment of the CBS - College of Business Studies Cyprus. IBS now operates under the umbrella of the CBS.