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Complaints Procedure

The College of Business Studies commits to provide high quality education supplemented with high student satisfaction. We understand that from time to time problems arise and students want to express their dissatisfaction. One of CBS’s primary goals is to deal and resolve any complaint raised by students on an issue concerning the College’s action or lack of action.

A student’s disappointment can become an obstacle towards his or her successful academic life. Therefore, all complaints are taken very seriously and students are encouraged to express their dissatisfaction as soon as an incident takes place.

Complaints may be done about an academic and administrative service or on any other service provided by the College.

Examples of complaints include

  • The action of a staff member (academic or administrative)
  • The action of another student
  • The College fails to meet its responsibilities as stated in the Student Charter
  • Concerns about the quality of the building facilities or about the quality of the program, module or learning resources.

Time Limit

Students are advised to raise the complaint as soon as the incident occurs. This will be in the best interest of both the student and the College since the incident will still be recent.

The time limits are strict and students should follow them. Failure to submit a complaint within the indicated time limit will result in rejection of the complaint. The time limits are stated in each stage.


Stage A- Informal Stage

Students are strongly encouraged to firstly speak informally to a staff member, program coordinator or their personal tutor about the complaint. Most complaints are, usually, resolved in this way. Staff members can be contacted through email or by phone. Informal complaints should be made within 30 days after the incident occurred.

Students should allow 5 working days to receive a written outcome of the investigation. If the committee is unable to resolve the issue or the student is not satisfied with the outcome, then they should submit a formal complaint as described in Stage B.

Stage B – Formal Stage

Students need to firstly try to resolve issues informally and then proceed to submit a formal complaint. The first part of the complaints form will be inquiring for the actions taken by the student prior to Stage B.

All sections of the complaint form should be completed in full and in detail. Additionally, all evidence (copies) should be provided when the complaints form is submitted. Failure to do so will cause delays to the procedure and the resolution of the complaint.

Formal complaints should be submitted within three calendar months of the issue of complaint first occurred.

Complaints can be submitted by post to 3 Kostaki Pantelidi street, Strovolos, Nicosia, 1308, by hand to the Admissions Officer or by email to info@cbscy.ac.cy. If the complaint is posted then the student should use Recorded Delivery Service.

Once the Administration Officer receives the complaints form, the student will receive a confirmation of receipt letter along with any request for further information/evidence. Once all evidence and information are collected the Disciplinary Committee will review and discuss the complaint.

The Disciplinary Committee meets when necessary and in cases of students’ offences or complaints. The Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee is the Academic Director and consists of the following members:

  • Academic Director
  • Communication and Public Relations Officer
  • Two representatives of the Teaching Staff
  • A students’ Representative

In very rare cases, the nature of the complaint may require for a formal Hearing where the student is invited to further discuss the complaint. The student will be informed in writing about the decision of the Committee.

Stage C – Final Complaint Review

Students have the right to request for a final review by the College Council if they have evidence that a valid procedure was not followed in Stage B, new evidence about the complaint surface or the final decision was not reasonable. Students cannot request for a Review only because they were not satisfied with the outcome in Stage B.

The student will need to submit a request for a review and send it again to 3 Kostaki Pantelidi street, Strovolos, Nicosia, 1308, by hand to the Admissions Officer or by email to info@cbscy.ac.cy within 15 days of the final decision in Stage B. If the complaint is posted then the student should use Recorded Delivery Service. The student will receive an acknowledgment letter and will be notified about the final decision within 30 days.

The outcome of the Review stage will represent the College’s final decision regarding the complaint and no other action can be taken.