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The performance of students in each module is assessed by the Module Tutor throughout the semester. At the end of each semester, for each module, the Tutor submits to the Course Office the grade of progress for each student. The grade of progress represents the diligence of the student, the regular attendance of classes, the participation in the educational process, the student's performance in oral or written exams during the semester, the timely submission of or failure to submit assignments included in the module and their assessment.

The main methods of evaluation depending on the module are tests, assignments, midterms and final exams. Tests and assignments help students evaluate their level of knowledge in the specific module. The final exams are based on the material of the entire academic semester and their result combined with the performance during the academic semester together with the attendance, will define the final grade for the semester.

Grading System

The final grade of the semester for each module is calculated by the average of the grade for the progress and of the grade at the final exams. The grade for the progress is not valid as the final grade of the semester, if the student does not attend the final exams of the semester.

For each Program of Study the average grade for each student is calculated according to the following scale:

% Grade Grade Grade Meaning
90-100 A Excellent
85-89 B+ Very Good
80-84 B Good
75-79 C+ Above Average
70-74 C Average
65-69 D+ Below Average
60-64 D Poor
Below 60 F Failure
  W Withdrawal
  I Incomplete
  TR Transfer Credit
  AU Audit

W: Indicates Withdrawal from a course within the College’s specified withdrawal period. The student needs to fill out a form and submit it to the Departmental Office and Social Welfare Service. This will be recorded on the student’s record. If the student does not officially withdraw, as indicated above, will be graded with zero.

I: Incomplete "I" is a temporary grade which may be given at the instructor's discretion to a student when most of the coursework is completed but circumstances beyond the control of a student prevent completion of all course requirements by the end of the class in the semester it is offered. The student is required to consult the course instructor as to how and when the remaining course requirements will be fulfilled. In the case where a student could not complete or submit all required assessable work within the agreed period, a grade F will be recorded as a final grade.

TR: Credits (ECTS) granted to a student for educational courses undertaken at another institution, but are not included in the calculation of the cumulative grade of the student.

AU: Indicates that a student has chosen to attend a course without receiving any credit. A student is allowed to enroll into a course for educational interest, as long as there is availability.
Note: Priority is given to students who will attend the course for credits (ECTS).