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Admission Criteria

The College accepts prospective students irrespective of their nationality, religion or gender if they meet the pre-defined admission criteria for each Program of Study.

The general admission criteria are based on the type and quality of the previous education, on the actual participation to it, and on the candidate's suitability for the Program of Study he/she has applied for.

Admission to Programs of Study is based on the candidate's secondary and/or tertiary education, his/her English language skills. To be admitted to the Program, all candidates must have completed six (6) years of secondary education in countries where secondary education is considered equivalent to that of the Republic of Cyprus. Documentation of the candidates’ education will be required as part of the admission procedure.

In order for a candidate to be selected for admission to a Program of Study, he/she must complete a Form ("Application Form"), which may be requested from the Admissions Office or can be found online. Once the application form has been completed, it must be returned directly to the Admissions Office along with the additional documents required. The electronic version of the Application Form once downloaded, it has to be printed, completed and faxed or scanned back to the Admissions Office. Applications must be accompanied by a copy of the students' personal ID.

Required documents

The candidate who applies for a Program of Study must submit the following documents:

  • A completed application form.
  • Certified results for all the examinations mentioned in the application form and / or confirmation of the award of the student's degree.
  • Evidence of knowledge of the English language.
  • Original or duplicate of the Secondary Education Certificate (Apolyterion) or an equivalent diploma to that of the Lyceum Certificate.
  • A personal statement of interest in undergraduate studies.
  • International students must submit to the Admissions Office details of their financial status as proof of their ability to pay the tuition fees for their studies, e.g. a bank account statement.