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Optimised Studies

Microsoft Sites - For process automation!

Students enjoy a unique experience by signing in to their secure account where they can manage all of their school related information.

  • Students sign in to their secure account
  • They can see all of their personal information
  • They can see all available modules in their programme
  • They can register their preferred modules each semester
  • They can see their grades for each module
  • They can see any absences recorded
  • They can submit assignments online
  • They can see module notes and documents
  • They track their progress towards graduation
  • They enjoy a sophisticated notification system
  • Get an email notification for payments
  • Get an email notification for a grade update
  • Get an email notification when an assignment date is set
  • Get an email notification in case of an absence
  • Get direct notifications from administration and faculty

Microsoft Teams - A hub for teamwork!

Students will be able to work together on projects, share documents, communicate real time and monitor each other’s progress no matter where they are.

Microsoft Office

Students will be able to use Microsoft Office to create and share documents for free right from their browser.

Microsoft Sway - For Story Telling!

Students will use Sway to easily and quickly make compelling presentations that can instantly be shared on web and social media.

Microsoft Forms - For Quizzes!

Students take short quizzes during and at the end of each module to track progress and identify learning weaknesses.

Microsoft OneDrive

Students will have their own online cloud space where they will securely keep and access their personal files.

Microsoft HD video conferencing - For Conferencing!

Students will be able to meet and interact with other members of the school in real time from where ever they are.


Student Support

Award of a Degree

Optimised Studies