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Full scholarships to Cypriot citizens

In the context of the social contribution of our College, we announce the provision of an unlimited number of four (4) year scholarships, for our bachelor's degree in Business Administration (4 years, in English language) for the academic years 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Note that,

  • After the two (2) first years of successful attendance, students will have the option of either completing their studies at our college or continuing their studies for another two (2) years in Liverpool John Moores University in the UK obtaining one of the following degrees:
    • BA Business with Finance
    • BA Business with Marketing
    • BA Business with International Business Management
  • or at the Grandall University of Canada, obtaining the International Bachelor of Commerce degree.
  • The Liverpool John Moores University ranks with a higher difference in all relevant evaluations of the English universities that are represented or offering degrees in Cyprus.
  • With the acquisition of our bachelor's degree in Business Administration, the graduates also acquire the “General banking certificate” by the American Bankers Association, which is recognized by all banks in Cyprus and internationally (more than two thousand bank employees in Cyprus possess this certificate).

Scholarships are granted to high school graduates (Public or Private) with grade in English lesson 16/20 (80/100) or IGCSE with grade C or IELTS with grade 6 and they only concern the 4-year degree in Business Administration (BSc in Business Administration) and not the other undergraduate or postgraduate degrees of our College.

Scholarships apply to all Cypriot citizens and not only to beneficiaries of the student government grant.

For more information, you can contact 22459090.